Japan Update: Month 4

Time is flying here in Japan. We finally received our household goods— no more loaner furniture (iykyk!). A lot of this month has felt a bit chaotic as there are boxes everywhere and photos that need to be hung stacked in places. There’s a box or two of stuff to donate floating about—you realize what you don’t need (and what you truly appreciate) when you go ten months without your personal belongings. 

The heat has HIT here in Japan. People had warned me that summers here are oppressive, which I wasn’t really expecting because I’d been told to anticipate weather more like Washington and well the heat index is 90+ by 8 am most days. Now, this isn’t that different from Florida and hot season is a blink of an eye here compared to Florida but it’s definitely unpleasant to be outside unless you’re in water. We play with George’s splash pad a lot. 

I’ve been continuing to run 3-4 days a week and working on building up some mileage, but I’m planning to slow it down a little over the next month as the heat really is too much for the time of day that I’m able to go. I did run 4 miles for the first time in nearly two years, so that was exciting! T I’m switching gears to focus on building up some strength through the worst of this heat. I’ll keep running but dialing it down a bit for a few weeks. 

George had his first birthday this month! We went for a morning run, spent some time at the beach, and enjoyed homemade cupcakes after dinner. 

We went blueberry picking and out to lunch with some friends. 

Dad has been gone at sea all month, so it’s been just me and George. We’re just plugging along and doing the best we can. Before dad left we went to Fourth of July celebrations hosted by the base and George experienced his first fireworks.

Things I’ve been doing for me: 

-Morning yoga in bed, intention setting meditation and journal (takes me 15-20 mins each morning) 

-Waking up at 6:30 on weekdays so I can have a few minutes to myself before we hit the ground running. 

-lots of yoga in the evenings

-reading The Rose Code with my best friend (a few times a year we read a book together, it’s been a great way to keep our friendship going and give us something to talk about aside from life’s happenings) 

Here’s some photos from the last month:

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