August Sabbatical

A delightful group of creative mothers that I’m a part of does a sabbatical every August.

In my transition to living in a foreign country and a lot of solo parenting, I often find myself getting lost in the scroll on my phone. I’ve recently taken to deleting Instagram and Facebook off my phone each night and only re-downloading it when my son is napping. It’s helped a lot with my scrolling.

I noticed myself feeling like my life was on hold and that I couldn’t do these seemingly cool things that I see other people doing as I live in a different country. However, there’s plenty to explore here and I’ve been finding my people to do it with.

With all that being said, I have decided that I will be taking a sabbatical for the month of August, and I’m truly looking forward to it. The intention is to not be on Instagram at all and I will be on Facebook minimally (as Facebook is a primary means of communication for certain groups in our military community so unfortunately, I need to pop in there from time to time).

There will be no meditations released in August and I’m not anticipating publishing anything on here; however, I may feel inspired to do micro-blogging—we’ll see. The intention is to refill, renew and nourish. To be present to my husband and my son.

Part of this was inspired by reading this article as well. She makes some great points.

On that note — I’ll see you on the flipside in September.

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