Lost in the scroll of Instagram stories one day I saw a friend post something that stopped me dead in my tracks. She said, “How do I remain strong in who I’ve always been?” She’s a new mom, struggling with the transition to motherhood. A new mom myself, my heart hurt for her. There was so much I wanted to say to her, most of all, I wanted to give her permission, permission to evolve, change and grow. 

What if we’re not supposed to be who we’ve always been?
What if we’re supposed to evolve into someone new?

What if our creativity is supposed to look different?

What if we let go of who we were before we became mother to grow into this woman called mother?

What if being strong in who we’ve always been means letting go of the previous version of you?

Maybe your day is meant to be filled with peak-a-boo, chew toys, rolling over, and singing songs in this season
Maybe this season is allowed to look a little different, move a little slower

Maybe this season is meant to soften you
Your body becomes softer, maybe your heart is meant to too 

What does being strong in who you are mean?

We fear losing ourselves in motherhood. Many of us watched our mothers do it, and we’ve watched them struggle to become empty nesters too. Maybe you’ve lost friends too or watched friends completely lose what makes them, them as they became mother. 

In the season of young babies, we’re elbow deep in blowout diapers, nursing schedules, and spit-up. We are sleep deprived and perpetually hungry. Our days revolve around eat, sleep, poop quite literally. In the midst of it all, we wonder and worry if we’re doing any of this mom stuff right. 

What if we let this season be what it is?

What if we embraced being elbow deep in blowout diapers and days revolving around eat, sleep, poop? What if we took the pressure off to maintain who we were before we became mother? 

You are not the same woman you were before you birthed your baby, why are you(we) trying so hard to hold onto her? What would happen if you released your grasp and allowed this new woman to blossom?

Parts of you will remain the same, but other parts don’t serve you in this season and are allowed to stay with the past version of you. 

How do I remain strong in who I’ve always been?

I counter: what if you were never supposed to?

Instead of fighting to stay who you’ve always been, allow yourself to become who you’re meant to be. You might blossom if you do.

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