Where has the Time Gone?

We’ve lived in Japan for 3 months now. I’ve settled into a bit of a routine. Our house is as comfortable as possible without all of our belongings. We’re hopeful that our stuff will be delivered in July. 

Summer has hit here, though it’s nothing compared to what summer in Florida felt like. We explored some beaches and parks, went on a hike, and thoroughly enjoyed the one full weekend Alan got home this month. He got a full 3 day weekend and it was the most time we’ve gotten together in the last three months. 

We finally found a good ramen shop. This is the third one we’ve tried. We’ve been surprised at the “misses” with some of the food here and have often had better results with the places we randomly decide to walk into rather than places that others recommend to us. I guess my husband and I are foodies and didn’t realize it. 

George is walking now, I bought him his first pair of shoes today. He still crawls quite a bit but he walks too which is crazy. He babbles all day and doesn’t like it much when mom leaves the room without him. 

I run with our stroller warriors group every Tuesday morning. It’s nice to have a routine and some people who I get to move my body with. 

 We’ve figured out grocery shopping at Japanese grocery stores and driving on the opposite side of the road and the car feels a bit easier now. 

I completed a return to run challenge at the end of May and won the prizes from the challenge which was super fun. I never win those types of things. I was able to get some new running shorts, sunglasses, and a koala clip as part of the prize package plus the satisfaction of showing up for myself really well for 6 weeks. Shout out to expecting and empowered for all the ways they support moms, especially in the early postpartum days. 

I’ve since struggled to get back into a groove since completing the challenge. June has been challenging with migraines and just not feeling great. Not sick but not my normal. Sleep has been a little wacky too. 

A few things I’ve been doing for me: 

-yoga after I put George to bed for the night 

-lots of time off social and it was so good for my mind and soul: I took the whole weekend off that Alan was home to be present with my guys and I’ve started deleting it before bed each night so I don’t scroll in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. Instead, I’ve been doing a little bit of yoga before I get out of bed each morning!  

-leaving my phone in another when I nurse George and put him down for a nap

-prepping lunch and breakfast foods to make feeding myself easier 

-Doing something outside each week – pool, beach, or hike/park. We found a hidden gem of a beach that will probably be my go-to beach this summer.

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